Phurpa (RUS) – Primaverasound Festival 2017

PHURPA is a russian group led by contemporary artist Alexei Tegin, who is celebrating the tradition of so called “Bon”.

When I saw them for the first time at legendary “Le Guess Who?-Festival! in Utrecht last year, it was kind of strange.

I came into the room when they had already started their ritual  Рwith lots of people lying around on supersize pillows and in total silence.

They burned something on stage, what led to a big amount of smoke, entering their black cowls.
It already seemd their brains were melting when the smoke comes out of the thin net that surrounded their peaked hats.
A visual impact, that I used later for this poster too.

For me, coming straight from my poster booth, not knowing what to expect, it was sort of “too much”.
But I decided to stay for a while and now I am glad I did.

Their performance is really intense but when you calm down a little bit, it really get`s you.

4 color screenprint

250 g recycled paper

 Limited edition of 35
Some few A/P edition in other colors

size: 35 x50 cm

Handpulled at “The Bicycle Press”