Lowcost – Enamel Pin

The idea to design and make some “Enamel Pins” is  something that spinned around in my head since quite a long time.
Also because it seems to be “en vogue” again to wear pins instead of buttons, And it happend more than once that somebody was asking me about on several fairs and festivals.

But, beside of  the fact that it is a pretty expensive investment for a small fish like me, much harder is the final choice of the design.

“Lowcost” was my first thought. I still love this idea and every day I notice that the message gets stronger.

I see publicity with the term “Lowcost” already on every corner here in Barcelona.
Starting from “Bicycle-Rents” to horrible “Touristic Souvenir Shops” on the Ramblas.

But – I feel like my design is much more sublime.
Just because I love the real Lacoste Trademark so much.
It`s part of my childhood, of the clothing of my fathers tennis stuff and Wimbledon & it still produces the taste of proper vintage in my mouth.

Anyway, I am super happy how the pins finally came out – thanks to the guys from Awesome Merchandise .

They were very patient with me, but as a result, you can now get your personal LOWCOST-PIN.

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