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Lived screenprint movement till death

  • Creativity as a lifestyle
  • Screenprint
  • Pencil, Ink and Color
  • Music & Artwork
  • Shirts and Posters
  • Illustrations out of the daily jungle
  • Honest emotions
  • Barcelona, Vienna and the rest of the world
  • Autoditact
  • Handmade & directly from the heart

Zellerluoid is an Austrian Screenprinter and Illustrator who`s based in Barcelona/Spain.

His aim is, to do everything possible by hand… so the value of what`s coming out then is muuuuch more appreciated and fills you up with something special that keeps you going on and on……

A healthy sort of drug.

The screenprintmachine he uses is a “high tech something” out of the wood of his friends Carlos house and his guitar called “Sugar”.

The table on which the machine moves was an old gambling table where tragedy and glory of a lot of people of his village had been pretty close always.

In Barcelona he works in a shared studio space in the sunny neighborhood of “Poble Sec”, surrounded by old and beautiful bicycles of his friends from “Ciclos Clase” and the smell of weed, oil, ink and the salty air from the Mediterranean Sea.

His work is heavy influenced by the music he`s listening to every day and the artworks of the thousands of vinyls he has.

He’s doin´ every sort of Illustration, Posters, Artworks and is working on his own T-Shirt Label called  “BRKN – IDEAS”.