The Intelligence (US) – Official Concert Poster

As a lot of times this year, I was introduced into a new band.
Thanks Samu from Lupita del Raval (and the whole Panic Club and Holycuervo Crew). They are very into underground music and make Barcelona a much more adorable city by organizing all this small concerts with all this incredible bands

It´s necesary but also hard – not only because of the laws that are getting worst everyday.
It is nearly impossible to organize concerts in small venues or bars – but in bigger venues you would still lose more money .

So it`s highly appreciated that someone has still the eggs to bring underground culture to the basement of Lupita`s and create a subculture that is so needed in Barcelona.  Lupita del Raval is the most authentic place you can find.
As a musician or simply as a resident .

“The intelligence” is a band, now operating from L.A./California, that is realeasing music for a lot of years.
A band who went through a lot of changes but was and is always moving forward.
As they told me, Europe is getting better, the U.S. is hard to play.
That´s where the circles close.
We need this sort of concerts as they need “us”.

When I was asked if I could do a poster for them I dived into their music, red interviews and every day I was more obsessed with their  – sometimes – strange sounds and beats.
It’s this kind of music that needs time but then lasts for long.


3 color screenprint

220 g silver sparkled paper

Limited edition of 50

size: 35 x50 cm

Handprinted at The Bicycle Press