Skull Pearl – Enamel Pin

The idea to design and make some “Enamel Pins” is  something that spinned around in my head since quite a long time.
Also because it seems to be “en vogue” again to wear pins instead of buttons.
And it happend more than once that somebody was asking me about on several fairs and festivals.

But, beside of  the fact that it is a pretty expensive investment for a small fish like me, much harder is the final choice of the design.

“Skull Pearl” was an idea that I had and draw on the same day.
I was brainstorming for a new T-shirt-design and ended up with this.

It became stronger over the months, and as always, I interpret much more into this design right now that ever imagined. That`s cool.

Anyway, I am super happy how the pins finally came out – thanks to the guys from Awesome Merchandise .

Especially in this case, it was a long back and forth, lots of mails and changes.
It’s really tricky when you don`t understand where the limits of production are in terms of thickness of lines.
But we sorted this out.

I was stoked when I opened the packaging.
Real beauties, and that`s where the circle closes – because in a way, you never know what you get… with the shell.

But I promise, if you order them in my shop, you will get what you expect, haha!

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