Moon Duo (US) – Le Guess Who?-Festival / Utrecht

Another year, another poster for “Le Guess Who?-Festival” in Utrecht.

It was definitely the fastes confirmation of a poster I ever had.
I got a response after a few minutes….

It seemed like, Moon Duo are faster than light.
But they aren`t – they actually spin  you slowly a cocoon around your head.

They moved around  the last years, but found now their place in Portland.
The result of this residency are two LP`s – influenced by the 4 seasons, which they seem to enjoy again since moving to Oregon.

“Occult Architecture Vol.1 + Vol.2” are two masterpieces, and live their sound killed me. It was a massive experience!

Put on your headphones and travel in space!


3 color screenprint

250 g Stylus recycled paper

Limited edition of 40
Some Special Limited A/P`s

size: 40 x  50 cm

Handprinted at The Bicycle Press