Moderat (GER) – Official Concert Poster for Arena Open Air

Another poster for the great Arena in Vienna!

Since months I was sketching ideas for a Moderat poster into my book but didn`t have the time for a serious drawing.

But as I was going to Vienna anyway I kicked myself  in the ass and went into a 24 hours drawing session.
I sent a digital sketch to the band and a few days before the gig they replied that they liked it.

To be honest, I didn´t expect it that much, because it was REALLY last minute.

So I prepared everything, flew to Austria and printed the poster on the day of the concert in my smaller “Attic-Studios” in my parents house!

Epic crowd and Moderat as it`s best!
A show to remember, a poster too!

3 color screenprint

280 g photo cardboard

 Limited edition of 7o
Some few A/P pink edition

size: 35 x50 cm

Handpulled at “The Attic Studios” – East of Vienna