Kreisky (AUT) – Official Concert Poster

Have you ever seen a drummer with shiny patent leather shoes ???
Me neither!!!!
Till this night back in 2007 somewhere in the southeast of Austria.
I was on tour with a band and they played a festival in a small bar in a tiny village!

There where a lot of bands on the rooster, instruments, amplifiers and more stuff were all over the place .
I was hidden somewhere in between this mountains of backlines and cases and on the old wooden stage there was a band giving it all.

Their name was KREISKY, and their drummer looked like if he had escaped from his own wedding just to play a dirty show with his friends!

I was amused and loved to watch him play the bassdrum with his fine shiny leather shoes!
At this time, for me it was something that I could not imagine.
I also play the drums, and always had my Converse with me or even played barefoot….and then I see this!!!

Anyway, the band was a blast and over the years they became one of the most important references when it comes to Austrian music culture!
Their lyrics are sharp like a new razorblade and nearly impossible to fit into a classic song structure.
But somehow their frontman has this talent to make art out of it!

Kreisky is still going strong, and they released one good album after another!
This years album “Blitz” is high level!

I am very very happy that I could design and print them a nice poster – with “Glow in the Dark” flashes!!
Because it`s all about the art and love to the details!


5 color screenprint

250 g recycled paper

Limited edition of 60

size: 40 x 50 cm


Handprinted at The Bicycle Press