Inktober – Artprints

This hashtag went viral over the last years!
But what does it mean?

It`s sort of a motivation thing that flooded from Instagram all over the world, a reminder to “get up your lazy ass and draw something!”

In 2019 I tried to follow this mantra for the third time.
The first year I managed to keep it going till day 22 only.
In 2018 I finished the whole 31 days of october with a new watercolor drawing every day.
At the same time I found out that it`s hard to come up with a new idea everyday (beside of a normal creative day job)

So in my third year I needed a masterplan….especially as I had a pretty packed shedule for this years October already!

I was thinking for quite some time of using my thousands of LOMO LC-A photos for a project.
That`s why I decided to redraw moments from the last 12 years!

I made a “test run” and came to the conclusion, that it has to be easy and efficient this time.

So I set myself some limits:
– MAX. 45 – 60 MINUTES

I quickly found out that a “BIC bluepen” is the perfect tool to work with, and that this sort of linework felt relaxing and keeping me away from perfection.

I managed to draw every day and was super proud of my outcome!
That`s why I decided to screenprint a “best of” selection in bigger format!

Have fun, and prepare for October!!


1 color screenprint

250 g recycled paper

Limited edition of 20/each

size: aprox. 29,7 x 21 cm (A4)

Handprinted at The Bicycle Press