Idles (GB) – Flex / Vienna

It was nearly 2 A.M when I moved my tired legs to the “Adidas stage” next to the mediterranean sea.
And I did it without really knowing this band, I just went there because friends of mine told me to.

When I look back, I have to be more than thankful to them, because the band I saw at this years Primaverasound Festival in Barcelona was my soundtrack through the rest of the summer and beyond!

With IDLES came also a flash of energy that feels like a bloody fist-fight against my inner darksideĀ  – everytime life seems to swallow me down its stinky throat.

Sometimes you feel like everything is fucked up, that life`s a bitch to you – but I promise, this band went through loads of shit too, especially their singer.
Seeing them live, listening to their lyrics, their presence on stage, their unity….

This is the energy that really counts, that helps me to move on in hard times.
I often reflect on music, it always was and still is sort of my personal healer.
Idles are my current medication!!

Yesterday I red in an interview that music can never replace a therapy!
Well….but music can be the outlet to move on to the next class!!

Long live IDLES, long live life!!
“But I love them now
Because I love myself
And they don`t
and they should”
(excerpt from N.F.A.M.W.A.P)

4 color screenprint
250 g recycled paper
Regular edition of 60
Special limited A/P of 10
signed & numbered
size: 40 x 50 cm

Handpulled at “The Bicycle Press”