Destruction Unit (US) – Official Concert Poster

I was asked if I am interested to play the drums in a band – again – after 6 years of break and only some jams sometimes.
I said sure, went to the rehersal and they took me.

The thing was, there was a gig booked and so I had two month to practice nine songs which they had written with their old drummer.

At the end I managed it, so we played our first show ever under the name of “Sangre” as opening act for “Destruction Unit” at Barcelonas Sidecar.

To keep the real poster art alive I decided to make a limited editon poster.


3 color screenprint

300 g creme paper

3 color versions:
red/blue……………….edition of 19
pink/turquese……….edition of 10
turquese/gold……….edition of 10

size: 35 x50 cm

Handprinted at The Bicycle Press