Chromeo (CAN/USA) – Primaverasound Festival 2018 / Barcleona

I remeber very well the year 2007!
It was the year I got my hands on an 1981 VW-Beetle.

The car was in medium condition and so I had to work hard to get it ready for the summer.
I changed it`s color from an old wasted red into “tropical green metallic with some special silver sparkle” and put some nice vintage rims on it.

Everywhere I went that summer, I went with “Spliffy Bob”.
And everything I experienced was connected to his distinctive mix of smells from old vintage car, gasoline and the so called “Duftbaum” that hung from the rear view mirror.

…..and for sure: there was this album called “Fancy Footwork” of this two guys called CHROMEO!!!

It was in the Radio-CD-player allllll the time!
I was obsessed with it.

When they confirmed me to do a poster for Primaverasound Festival 2018, I was  f**** stoked!

And immediatelly my brain surprised me with this sound and smell from 11 years ago!
Life`s sometimes a bitch, but in this moments, it`s over all one thing:
Beyond surreal !!!!!

3 color screenprint

250 g recycled paper

 Limited edition of 50
Some few A/P edition in fluorescent yellow

size: 40 x 50 cm

Handpulled at “The Bicycle Press”