Agua & Limon – Artprint

“Biolust” is an artprint from my ongoing series of machines that influenced my youth and still do it now.

I remeber that there was a condom machine on the toilet of the backside of this bar in my hometown. Pretty fucked up and full of rust.
Never ever in my life I would get a rubber out of this retro something. But I loved how it appeared there. Lonely and for sure more than once a helping hand for a lot of horny people….I guess.

It smelled so aweful in this public toilet and I really tried to piss as fast as I could to get out of this place which was covered with green glazed ceramic tiles.
But I always had time to take an eye on this lightblue box hanging next to me…..

When I started dawing it was clear that the machine should get a “healthier” touch than in my memory so I decided to put condoms with real flavor from organic fruits in there. Also the obligatory button for a surprise had to be included.

The kiss is an illustration by my friend Julia Gaspar who draw this for an illustration work we did together years ago. It seemd perfect to me so I used it again.

The poster was printed in the liveprinting booth at Primaverasound Festival 2015 here in Barcelona by the guys from Monostereo

Love each other !!


3 color screenprint

250 g recycled paper

Limited edition of 90

size: 35 x50 cm

Handprinted at The Bicycle Press