Bike Debris #1 – Artprint

Living in Barcelona means also living in a city where bike robbery and crime is everytime, everywhere!

Over the years, my bike was stolen (and found again)
But nearly every piece that you can not lock on the bike was stolen at least twice!!
When I strawl around in the city, I take pictures of bike debris on daily basis.

I donĀ“t know a single person that rides a bike and was not stolen once.
Every small abstraction can – or better mostly will – lead to a missing bike or parts of it.
It`s absolutely not allowed to feel to comfortable as owner of a bike here!

I could tell you many stories of people I know that you probably would not believe me.
It`s next level shit and organized crime beyond everything you have seen in any other city of europe!

This print is #1 of an upcoming series that captures my experience and daily life in this city as a cyclist!

Welcome to Barcelona!


3 color screenprint

250 g recycled paper

Limited edition of 80

size: 35 x50 cm

Handprinted at The Bicycle Press