Cari Cari (AUT) – Official Concert Poster

Cari Cari appeared on my screen in the begining of 2018.
I heard from them on Radio FM4 but didn`t dig that much.

When I saw them on the rooster of Primaverasound Festival 2018 here in Barcelona I was surprised, and close to write them about a poster.
But as always before this festival, I had so many things to finish that I could not concentrate on doing another poster!

For Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg I finally wrote them and got a very quick (maybe the quickest) O.K.

At the time I started drawing, it was already pretty clear that I liked to do something inspired by the “Wild West”
Their music heavily imposed it to me, haha!

When I finished the sketching, I red in an interview, that their dream would be to make the soundtrack of a Quentin Tarantino movie….

I wish them luck..they will get it!!


4 color screenprint

250 g recycled paper

Limited edition of 68

size: 40 x 50 cm

Handprinted at “The Attic” in
the east of Vienna