Algiers (US) – Official Concert Poster for European Tour 2020

I am very happy that I had the possibility to work together with this amazing band!

In their case, it was love at 2nd sight!
I knew them since years – mainly from posters I saw on all the exhibitions, shows and Flatstocks I was going.

Some friends already designed some great art for “Algiers” too.

Musicwise taking – I listened to their mix of dark, punky,
often drifting into soul and sometimes hard to chew music, the last years over and over again – but never got really into it.

There where moments and songs, but…..

…..with their latest album “There Is No Year” it hit me hard.

Immediately I connected with the songs and as a positive sideffect,
I had an image in my mind of something that was lying around a few months already.

One of those unfinished drafts that I didn`t really know where to place it.

I worked it out a little bit, and send it over, hopeing to get a response!

Withing an hour I got a reply –  just one phrase:
“I love it!”

That made my day, and are these moments,  when you collect the fruits of working hard all the time!


3 color screenprint

250 g recycled Stylus paper

Limited edition of 66

size: 40 x 60 cm

Handprinted at The Bicycle Press