Hi, welcome to my page….feel comfortable!

YES ! – it`s real!!
Welcome on my official NEW website !!

I was working hard the last months to get all the stuff togehter, but even with all my effort and time I put into this project, without the help of my friends from POLARFUX I would probably stand in the starting position, waiting for the BOOOOM !!! to come……that never comes, haha !!

Everybody who has ever made a homepageĀ  knows, it`s a tough issue. WOW !!
I didn`t expect it that heavy!!

BUT – we did it and I am very proud of how it came out so far !
ThereĀ“s still some stuff missing but I am constantly working and as soon as I find a minute, I will invade the sunny places of the city and shoot some pictures for my “Thez – Shirts – Collection” too!!

Meanwhile you can dive into all my “art on paper”, read interviews, watch videos, buy stuff in my shop and enjoy photos, details and get a picture of what “Zellerluoid” and “The Bicycle Press” are about!

Thanks for supporting DIY – locals everywhere around the world!

See you out there!!